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The Breed - Breed description

General Appearance

The Bolognese is a small, square and compact dog.
The length of the body is equal to the height at the withers. This is one of the most important characteristics of the Bolognese, unfortunatelly sometimes forgotten by judges not very known with the breed. The coat must be as white as possible and is long and fluffy. It looks a bit like a corkscrew. There is not one general appearance on dog shows. Some owners keep the coat in the natural style, some like to cut it in model or use a blow-drier and make the coat voluminous. The risk with this,if not done properly, is loosing the curly/wavy structure.

Female: 25 - 28 cm
Male: 26 -30 cm
Weight: 2,5 - 4 kg.

Nowadays most breeders try to have the dogs at the lower side of the breed standard. Dogs risk the chance of being disqualified when smaller than 22 cm or bigger than 33 cm.

Life expectancy is 14 years.


The head is of medium length, reaching 1/3 of the height at the withers. The general appearance of the head must also be as square as possible. The skull is slightly egg-shaped. There is a rather accentuated stop.


On the same line as the top line of the muzzle. It is large and must always be black.


Is 2/5 of the length of the head. Straight top line and the sides are parallel so that it almost seems the muzzle is square.


White teeth, evenly aligned, complete dentition. Scissor bite.
Notice: Pincer bite is tolerated.
One of the problems in the breed right now is underbite. Even if the first bite is okay (3 months old) it can appear that when changing bite to adult one, the lower jaw will grow faster than upper jaw which will cause the underbite while adult (+6 months ).


Dark ochre color, normal to superior size (preferred). The white part of the eye is not visible. Round eyelid opening with black rims.


High set, long and hanging. Hair on the ear is longer than on the rest of the body.


Carried curved over the back. Very long hair.


Oval feet with black nails.


Very much attached to the master so they can be taken everywhere easily, as long as you are there or other people they know. Can be a bit reserved and shy to strangers. They can not be left alone for a long time easily. You can make them the happiest by just being with them. They constantly want to please you. It is a sensitive dog. You must be careful with yelling at it.
Is intelligent and serious. Vivacious, playful and happy. Sometimes it seems they really smile!

Likes to play with soft toys. Although they are small, they can easily walk for hours. They like to be in the woods playing with branches. They can run very fast. But they will be satisfied with only a little exercise if necessary.

The Bolognese is a good dog for an apartment life, they do not need a backyard.
They do not bark a lot, but when a doorbell rings they are alert. As soon as the visitor is in, they become quiet again. They keep a watchful eye for intruders. When they exhibit caution towards an individual, take heed, for they sense something you do not.


Bolognese do not suffer from many diseases. It is a quite healthy breed and you will not have high vet bills. However, sometimes problems may occur with the Luxating Patella and eye diseases. Both of them are hereditary. We have the dogs Patella and CERF tested before breeding.


The Bolognese is a fussy eater. They mostly do not like the dry dog food. They prefer fresh meat. I give my dogs fresh raw meat and they like it a lot. The expenses are low, they do not eat much.