About Noah

I have waited for Noah for quite a long time. I really wanted a puppy from this combination. His mother Amien is leading back to Russian lines, his father Iato to old Italian lines. Both parents are very succesful in the showring.

I have picked Noah up in Slovakia where I had a choice between 5 males. Noah was obviously the smallest boy and looked very confident. It was easy to make a choice, he was beautiful! The first night in the hotel, he slept with me in the bed.

I have been with Noah to some dogshows and definately not without success. Noah is a dog of top quality.

Unfortunately it was very difficult for Noah to live in a house with several females. His hormones were teasing him and he cried a lot when females were in season. I had to make a really hard desicion but wanted him to be happy and that was most important. I decided to find him a new home. He now lives with Jeanette and Louis and his son Finley (Little White Wonder Casimiro Oidi). I do see him now and then and then it is always a big party. He will always have a special place n my heart.

Out of the litter of Zoe and Noah I kept a puppy, Macho. He lives with my parents and looks a lot like Noah.