About Julie

When I was searching through the internet I found the website of Julieta's breeder. When I saw the pedigree of her mother, I just knew I had to have a puppy after her.

Julieta's mother, Ashley is the daughter of Vilik Jizerska Protez (a son of Kevin Jizerska Protez) and Celia Z Rostyl (a daughter of Kevin Jizerska Protez). Kevin is to me one of the most beautiful bolognese ever and he is in the pedigree of Noah (and therefore Macho) and Ginger as well. What a chance to get a puppy with such a background. Good to see also that her mother leads also back to the older Aphaia lines, through Daisy Aphaia.

I have met both Vilik and Daisy in real at kennel Denajwen and both are very nice. The father chosen for the litter with Ashley was Aramisz Gyongyosi Pelyhes, a dog just imported to Czech Republic and introducing a whole new line. Aramisz father Cyrano is a very succesful dog in showring in Hungary and Aramisz mother Orgona is a very nice, square, small girl. When the puppies were born there were 5 females and I was so lucky to have first choice.

This litter was so succesful that I advised other breeders to take a female from this litter as well. Two females, Jackie and Jeanetta moved to the USA and one female Jasmina stayed with me for almost a year until she was able to leave to her forever home (due to rabies procedures) in Ireland. All 4 females developed really well. Julieta stayed with us.