About Ginger

Ginger is one of the best bolognese I have ever seen.
I went to Czech Republic to pick up a dog for a friend. I went to see a breeder that has ment (and still does) so much for the breed. Her name is Gudrun Stepnickova and she owns kennel Jizerska Protez. It was a real honor to visit her. Long time ago she was able to import 2 dogs from Russia, a total new genepool. From one of the litters with these parents she kept a dog named Kevin. Kevin is for me the example of what a bolognese should look like. I feel very lucky to have been able to meet him in real.

Even better was that there was a breeder living closeby who was visiting Mrs Stepnickova with some small puppies. The puppies were grandchildren of Kevin. The second I saw one of the puppies I fell deeply in love! That puppy was Ginger and I decided to take her with me, eventhough I had not planned to.

Ginger developed even better than I could have possibly known back then. She is looking very much like Kevin and is extremely succesful in the showring. Next to that, she is also such a sweet little girl!